Marketing Research


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
Albert Einstein


At Intersect Media Solutions, we bring to every project an insatiable desire to understand: you, your product or service, where your business is headed, and whether we’re the right partner to take you there.   

We ask a lot of questions: about your customers, your challenges, your goals, and your desired results.  And then we tap an amazing array of primary and secondary research, competitive analysis, media and marketing partnerships, and good ol’ fashioned know-how accumulated over five decades in the business. End result: a solid understanding of your customers and a brilliant plan on how to reach them. 

Great things happen when your message is delivered to your best prospects in mediums they prefer.    

Research Tools

Nielsen Scarborough

Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions (SMS)

US Census Bureau, Census Data and Current Population Surveys

Pew Research

Alliance for Audited Media,

Intersect Media Solutions Circulation Database

Google Trends

MapPoint from Microsoft ®


Television Advertising Bureau