Dean Ridings

Where I’m from or my alma mater:

Born in Panama City, Florida, but lived in Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Singapore and Hong Kong off and on from age 10 until 19. Started college at 16 at Southeastern College in Lakeland; graduated from Flagler College many years later.

My position at IMS:

President & CEO

My job responsibilities:

Lead the team!

What I love about my job: 

The team! We have the best people who make coming to work every day fun! Plus, I have a very engaged board of directors who know what they’re doing and do it well!

My professional background and/or greatest accomplishment:

With the help of the great team, Intersect Media Solutions has become one of the most successful press association media subsidiaries in the US and Canada, with more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in sales since I started.

Some of my favorite living things (people, pets, sports teams, actors, musicians, etc): 

Kellie – my spouse, is my favorite person and I love to spend time with her! My son Blake and daughter Amy both live in Tallahassee and I have an incredible relationship with them as well. My daughter works for a PR firm a couple of blocks from my office, so we get to have lunch together often.   When it comes to music, I’m a fan of Steely Dan, CS&N and Peter Gabriel, (can you guess my age yet?), but I also like Jamie Cullum, Mumford and Sons and Fun. Occasionally, I even listen to a little George Strait and Jimmy Buffet!

Some of my favorite non-living things (movies, books, places, etc):

Recent non-fiction books I’ve enjoyed include anything by Malcolm Gladwell. I found The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (E. Morris) to be fascinating, and I’m currently reading Steve Jobs biography (W. Isaacson). However, I also like fiction, including The Time Travelers Wife (A. Niffenegger), most anything by Carl Hiaasen and John Grisham, but A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith is at the top of the list. I love that book! My wife and I like to travel, and Ireland is our hands-down favorite, although New Zealand and Australia are up there as well.

Someone I admire and why: 

I’ve always thought that Al Neuharth was a visionary and accomplished some incredible things, but I’m not sure that admiration is exactly the best description.

My goals for 2013 (personal and/or professional):

I would like to see continued growth at Intersect Media Solutions, and with the team we have in place and the service we are providing our clients, I expect it. I personally want to continue to grow my management and leadership skills.

An interesting thing about me:  

I lived for two years on a 25 foot sailboat, and I enjoy playing lead guitar. I still play occasionally, and my last gig was at the Portofino Hotel with some great friends.