Jessica Pitts

Where I’m from or my alma mater:

I’m from Brookfield, MO – that’s Missouri for those of you who think I’m referring to Montana, Minnesota or one of those other “M” states. Brookfield is a small town of around 5000 people. I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University – GO BEARCATS!

My position at IMS:

Media Manager

My job responsibilities:

I manage the media staff. Our media team is the definition of teamwork. We all work together to make sure our clients are taken care of.

What I love about my job:

The people I work with, both in my office and outside of it. Though the years I’ve gotten to know so many people from across the country. It’s amazing the bonds you can make over the phone and through email.

My professional background and/or greatest accomplishment:

Working at IMS was my first “real” job after college. I started as an advertising assistant and worked my way up to Media Manager. I’ve worked at IMS for 10 years in September.

Some of my favorite living things (people, pets, sports teams, actors, musicians, etc):

My kids of course! Xander is 6, he’s an old soul with a great sense of humor; he keeps me on my toes. Jacob is 3. His smile and thoughtfulness melt my heart.

Some of my favorite non-living things (movies, books, places, etc):

I love to read and watch movies, but never the same one twice.

One thing people should know about me:

I ran a ½ marathon last November. I never thought I’d say that. I was never a runner before I started training and it’s something I’ve grown to love. I’m proud to say I did it!

An interesting thing about me:

I known my husband since we were kids, we were in the same 1st grade classroom!