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Q2 2015  

Marketing Planning

The changing face of America - new research on race and ethnic groups

The nation's transition into a multicultural society has happened in just two generations and shows no indication of slowing down. But what does that mean to marketers and media companies looking to thrive in the next two generation?

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Marketing Insight

Beacons - the next big thing in store?

Remember strolling through Kmart and suddenly a blue light began flashing and you heard an announcement like this come over the PA: "Attention Kmart shoppers, new jewelry has just arrived and is now on sale in aisle 5." No? Well, millennials, you'll have to take my word for it. It happened.


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Got a marketing research question?

Let us help you with your media dilemma, your research quandary, your marketing challenge. We have the latest data from some of the top research sources in the country, and we have the expertise to use it.


Media Perspective

100% viewability? Wouldn't that be nice?

Google caused quite the hullabaloo among advertisers and media publishers last November when its report (The Importance of Being Seen, Viewability Insights for Digital Marketers and Publishers) found that 56% of online impressions are not seen, and that the viewability of the "average publisher" is 50%.


Featured Solution

Did you know the Florida Press Association can distribute your press release?

Do you have news you'd like Florida's newspaper journalists to know about? Is your company or organization holding an event? Are you changing things up in an exciting way? Do you want the whole state to know about it, or just your target market?


Industry News

7 things CMOs need to know about Search Engine Marketing
by Scott Rayden, Marketing Land

SEM is one of the fastest-changing areas in digital marketing today. Columnist Scott Rayden lays out what CMOs need to know about this dynamic arena. ( Read More...)

Ad blocking is every publisher's problem now
by Ricardo Bilton, Digiday

The conventional wisdom around ad blocking was that it was a problem exclusively for sites covering topics like technology and video games, or those in European markets. Think again. ( Read More... )

Marketers' digital push continues, despite questions about what works
by Nathalie Tadena, The Wall Street Journal

News flash: advertisers don't know what they're doing yet when it comes to digital marketing. But that isn't stopping them from spending more money. ( Read More... )

AAM newspaper publishers have decisions to make before AAM April 30 filing deadline
by John Murray, NAA

Last month's decision by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) Board of Directors to adopt a new three-pronged approach to reporting U.S. newspaper circulation, readership and digital audience data, impacts all AAM and Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) newspapers. ( Read More... )

Why publishers need to embrace - not dismiss - content marketing
by Steve Gray, INMA

Content marketing allows companies to tailor messaging in creative packages with almost limitless space, making it an appealing opportunity for news publishers working with advertisers. ( Read More... )

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