My campaigns are high volume and have numerous versions. I need to know my agency can stay on top of the details.

In 2017, Intersect Media placed 691,284,000 FSIs in 1,304 print products in 41 states via 24,000 insertion orders. We also placed 6,717 ROP ads in 885 newspapers in 49 states. Currently, Intersect Media places over 7 million digital impressions annually. Our overall placement fulfillment was 99.80%.

You originated as a print focused media agency. What is your depth of knowledge across other media?

To achieve longevity, a company needs to stay ahead of the trends and have a defined, well executed strategy. Our successful campaigns span across OOH, Direct Mail, Television, Radio and all types of print media and a multitude of digital tactics.

Intersect Media’s digital team is staffed with top-notch talent that possess expertise in all areas within the digital marketing environment. This enables us to offer clients planning, placement, campaign management and optimization.

How do you partner with other advertising agencies?
We partner with numerous creative shops to provide media placement that’s seamless to the end client. We also help lighten the workload for full service agencies. Thanks to relationships that go back to our roots, we’re uniquely qualified to assist with large print media buys in particular. We’ve helped agency partners with media buys that range from a handful of papers to over 1,000 individual newspapers in a single flight.
Our media placement is going smoothly, but Ad Trafficking has become a headache. Is that something you can help me with?
Absolutely! In 2017 Intersect Media trafficked over 5,000 ads across the country for a wide variety of advertisers. Intersect Media offers both digital and ROP ad trafficking as an ala carte service.
Who are some of the clients and agencies you regularly work with?
Anthony’s Inc., Florida Telecommunications Relay, Glaxo Smith Kline, Metro PCS, Publix Super Markets, Inc., Valley National Bank, GMMB, Canal Media Partners, Watauga Group, 22 SQ, FKQ, Schifino Lee, The Dalton Agency, Ron Sachs Communications, C-Com Group, Advantage Sales & Marketing, to name a few.
Can you really plan, place and bill my media campaigns at an efficient price?
Yes! We have strong relationships with newspapers across the country and they allow us to act as an extension of their sales team. We are able to negotiate great media rates and customize fee schedules for our clients. It’s a win for everyone!