Intersect Media has invested in premier media research tools along with the talent to analyze and interpret marketing trends. Our Marketing Team has more than 40 years of experience in all phases of primary and secondary research, including: focus groups, market potential, site location, media reach, and competitive analyses.

Intersect Media utilizes two primary data sources: Scarborough Research proprietary market surveys for the nation’s top 70 markets and Nielsen’s Prime Location demographics, shopping estimates and projections.


How Clients Benefit From Custom Research

Detailed demographics, zip code penetration analysis, market share, and location mapping information for each market

Semi-annual reports on media habits, as well as, quarterly reach and frequency of advertising campaigns, and proposed optimized media schedules by market

Access to the latest trends for legacy media (newspapers, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail), as well as, new media encompassing internet marketing, mobile and social media.