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Intersect Media is a media planning and placement agency that provides national to local market strategies and solutions for statewide, regional, and national clients. Using the latest industry and media research, we define your advertising objectives, and ultimately pinpoint the delivery of your message to your target audience, allowing you to get the most return on your investment.

There are countless ways to advertise in the 21st century. Finding a successful and viable marketing plan or strategy is increasingly difficult, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to have an experienced, knowledgeable marketing agency to help you achieve your goals. Using Print, Digital, TV, Radio and OOH media, we can reach your customers in their medium of choice with a measurable ROI. By staying ahead of the latest trends in the world of marketing, we guarantee that we’ll find the most effective ways possible of reaching your target audience, allowing your marketing plan to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

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Local Market Research

Data talks, everything else walks. We use empirical research to identify your target market, uncover data sets, make effective and smart media choices, and craft your message. Armed with your powerful customer insights and all the necessary metrics to track your path towards success, your path forward is clearer than ever.

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Strategic Planning & Placement

At Intersect Media, we bring to every project an insatiable desire to understand you, your product or service, where your business is headed, and whether we’re the right partner to take you there. Whether you need a traditional marketing and advertising strategy, a digital marketing plan, or a strategic combination of the two, we’ll lay out the ideal plan to ensure your strategy gets to your target market—all while ensuring it’s done as effectively and cost-efficiently as we can.

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Billing & Verification

This is, perhaps, our clients’ favorite service. After executing your media campaign, Intersect Media Solutions provides proof that you got what you paid for. After all, at the end of the day, it’s not about the bells and whistles—it’s about the results.

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What Sets Us Apart

Great Service

Earning confidence starts with exceptional customer service. At Intersect Media, we strive for responsiveness, timeliness, and exceeding client and members’ expectations. We connect with our clients on an unprecedented scale—we speak your language, we know exactly what metrics you need for your marketing plan and strategy, and we get you solid results that make a lasting difference.


We know that there are choices when partnering with marketing agencies. Intersect Media guarantees consistency by providing predictable, reliable results to our clients and members every time we do business with them. We provide the perfect blend of strategic thinking and targeted execution with every campaign. That’s what we call consistency.


Intersect Media is committed to our clients and members by keeping the promises we make to them. We spell out our guarantee and deliver what we say we will deliver. By maintaining two-way communication, we are able to listen to our partner’s needs, share knowledge and collaborate on solutions.

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