Print Display Ad Serving

Intersect Media has worked with Ad Transit since its inception. With our expert knowledge and experience, Intersect Media provides superior ROP ad trafficking services to our clients that include delivery verification.

Intersect Media client ad tracking benefits include:

  • Timeliness of ad delivery prior to campaign, allowing time for revisions to ad copy.
  • Decreased number of missed ads due to late copy.
  • Reduced workflow for client’s project managers.
  • Capability to resend ads to newspapers and/or clients within 24 hours.
  • Allows for ROP database to be built for future use across Divisions.

Digital Ad Serving

End-to-End Integration

Intersect Media is a partner with Google Marketing Platform, the world’s largest Open Ad Management platform. Intersect Media will serve, manage and optimize digital campaigns as well as provide detailed reporting and campaign verification.

One Tag Serving

Intersect Media issues one set of tags to each site to run over the campaign period. This streamlines the trafficking process to publishers, allowing for an on time start and an uninterrupted campaign. All creative changes, rotations, day-parts, etc. are managed within the Sizmek system which updates on this site in real time and no changes on the publisher level.

Dynamic Creative Opportunities

Though our Sizmek partnership, clients have the opportunity to deliver the most relevant ad creative to individuals dynamically, in real time, at massive scale.