At Intersect Media, we bring to every project an insatiable desire to understand: you, your product or service, where your business is headed, and whether we’re the right partner to take you there.

We ask a lot of questions: about your customers, your challenges, your goals, and your desired results. And then we tap an amazing array of primary and secondary research, competitive analysis, media and marketing partnerships, and good ol’ fashioned know-how accumulated over five decades in the business. End result: a solid understanding of your customers and a brilliant plan on how to reach them.

Great things happen when your message is delivered to your best prospects in mediums they prefer. Our team of experts helps clients identify the target audience, right types of media vehicles, and the best placements that will reach consumers with a targeted message.

Whether short term planning or long term planning, Intersect Media partners with clients as well as agencies to provide the best media campaign to effectively increase Share of Voice by reaching established objectives.


Intersect Media provides superior analytical support to all advertising partners

Data talks, everything else walks. Use empirical research to identify your target market, make your media choices, and craft your message, and your path forward becomes clear. In fact, buying media has never been easier… if you partner with a company with the tools and experience to buy it intelligently. At Intersect Media, we use the latest audience-reach analysis software to determine an optimal ad buy based solely on your marketing objective. Data doesn’t lie.

Our Transparent Process

Setting Measurable Campaign Goals

What should the campaign accomplish and what will be measured to gauge success?

Tracking Performance

Is the campaign meeting the KPIs and benchmarks? If not, consider optimization.

Campaign Optimization

Execute real time improvements based on tracking performance. Reinvest what is not working into what is working.

Campaign Reporting

Allows your to measure the campaign and compare performance against KPIs.